this is academic staff for diploma in physiotherapy program...syukur..there are 10 members include our dean, Assc prof Tuan Haji Nordin b Abdul Rasid..(the women in the red tu dean punye PA k)...other support staff who not inside this pic is Puan Norzi..our senior clerk...

From left we have Mrs Divan Abbas (Senior lecturer), then, our beloved Head of Program, Encik Wan Rosli b Wan Yusoff, our dean, his PA, Puan Mashidah, the beautiful CI, Puan Azlindahani, Puan Nurhafizah (CI), miss Zaidatul Husna (asst lect),  Puan Hasliana (CI) and Encik Ghaffar Abdul Rahman...

Madam Bilques Sultana (asst. lecturer) and Mr Ganesh Sundaram (lecturer) is not here..


Bilques Divan

guys.....it wd be Mr.Divan Abbas:)

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